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Advanced JAVA

Course Name: Java WEB Developer Duration: 20 Days.

Java Data Base Connectivity
  • Driver and types, Driver Manager.
  • Connection, Statement and types.
  • Parameterized SQL & Stored Procedures.
  • ResultSet-Scrollable and Updateable.
  • Batch Updates.
  • Row Set, Connection Pool.
  • Introduction to Transactions & RowSets.
JDBC and Database programming

Web Fundamentals
  • HTTP Protocol
  • HTTP Headers
  • GET & Post Methods
  • Web Client
  • Web Server
  • Web Contenter
  • Web Component
  • Servlet & JSP Engine
Introduction to Web Contenters Servlets
  • Servlet Architecture
  • Servlet Lifecycle
  • Servlet interface
  • Generic Servlet & Http Servlet
  • Writing your own Servlet
  • Packaging and Deploying a Servlet
  • Servlet & DB connectivity
Understanding Servlet programming Servlet Collaboration
  • Servlet Collaboration
  • Forwarding & Redirecting from a Servlet
  • ServletContext & ServletConfig
  • Hidden Form Fields, Cookies, URL rewriting, Http Session
Understanding JSP and JSTL JPS - Custom Tags
  • Taglib Directive
  • TagHandler, TagSupport
  • Iterator Tag Chapter


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