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Advanced Java

Course Name: Business Component Course In Java Duration: 30 Days.

Remote Method Invocation

Introducing RIM

  • EJB Design
  • Client, Server, Container, Components
  • Lifecycle of EJB
  • Significance of Container and its Services
  • JNDI in context of EJB
Understanding EJB Understanding Directory Services and JNDI
  • Methodology of Writing of Developing any EJB
  • The various interfaces involved
  • The various deployment Descriptors involved
  • A sample EJB - Stateless
  • Overview of what container does to deploy the bean
  • The procedure for deploying the Bean
  • Creating .ear
Entity Beans
  • Introduction to Entity Beans
  • Home, Remote and Entity Beans interfaces
  • Beans Class
  • Generic Servlet & Http Servlet
  • Deployment Descriptors of Entity Beans
  • Testing the Beans
  • Types of Entity Bean like Container Managed and Bean Managed
Massage Driven Beans
  • Need for Message Oriented Applications
  • Introduction to Java Messaging Service
  • Publisher-Subscriber and Point- point Messaging
  • Topic and Queue
  • Introduction to Message Driven Bean
  • Message Driven Bean interfaces
  • Bean Class
  • Deployment Descriptors Message Driven Bean
  • Testing the Bean
Session Bean
  • Introduction to Transaction
  • Flat and Nested Transaction
  • JTA and JTS
  • Container Managed and Bean Managed Transaction
  • Starting Transactions from Client
  • Transaction Isolation
  • Transaction Attributes
Understanding XML Document
  • Model 1 vs. Model 2
  • Struts Framework
  • Application Flow and Classes used in the Application
  • Resource Bundle


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