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Basic Excel

Course Name: Basic Excel Duration: 15 Days.
  • Basic Excel is designed with the intention of providing basic use of excel and use of basic formula.
  • You will be able to operate excel and basic formulas.
  • Operating Computer.
Course Content
  • Introduction to Excel, Screen Elements.
  • All Menus:
  • Home,Insert, Page Layout, Format, formula, Data, Review, Window, View.
  • Assignments :
  • Mark Sheet, Salary Sheet, Income and Expense Statements, Balance Sheet.
  • Creating Desktop Shortcut for Excel..
  • Workbook and Worksheet.
  • Cell Pointer Movements, Selection Process in Excel.
  • Data Formatting and Alignment in Cells.
  • Give Border to cells and fill colour.
  • Cells Protection.
  • Auto fit Row Height Command.
  • Row/Rows Hide, Row/Rows Unhide.
  • Autofit Row Column Width.
  • Column/Columns Hide, Column/Columns Unhide
  • Adding Elements to a Workbook
  • Excel Charts
  • Tables
  • Developing a Workbook
  • Sharing Worksheets and Workbooks.
Recommended Next Level
  • Advance Excel .


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