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C Programming

Course Name: C Programming Duration: 45 Days.
  • Develop Simple Console-Based Programs Using C Langauge.
  • Basic Logic Developing In Using C-Langauge.
  • Which Benefits To All Programming Langauge.
  • Operating Computer.
  • Computer Fundamentals & DOS
Course Content
  • History of C Language
  • Keywords,Data-types, Variables,Constants,Expression
  • C Operator.
  • Programming Structures
  • Selection Control Statement
  • Iterative Statement.
  • Array (1D & 2D)
  • Functions.
  • Pointers.
  • Structure and Unions
  • String Handling
  • File Handling.
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  • Command Line Argument.
Recommended Next Level
  • C++ Programming
  • C# Programming.
  • Data Structure.
  • JAVA Programming.
  • Python
  • PHP


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